Camp, Jump Rope, ANZAC, Chinese, Cross Country, NAPLAN, BUPA,GRIP, Gr 6 Transition and more….

Hi all, it’s me again, my turn to blog!

Where do I start??? It’s called the “Overcrowded Curriculum”. Pick a topic, any topic – Camp, Jump Rope, ANZAC, Chinese, Cross Country, NAPLAN, BUPA, Gr 6 transition, GRIP Leadership conference and Buddy program. Does this sound good to fit in a term??? Well CORRECTION….. try first week back after camp. All this happened in the second week of school ( and I don’t have China too, like Kate!!)

I am feeling a little bit under the pump, I think it’s called drowning!

I have felt like I can’t get any work done because of interruptions…. hopefully this will pass and things will settle down!

All these things are great and all have a place in our program but at what cost?

What do you think?

I was pleased with my kid’s end of term self reflections on the Daily 5. They wrote some really meaningful and insightful comments that reflected an awareness of their own learning. I’m really enjoying the Daily 5…. so watch this space. How is everyone else going with it??