Daily 5 with a twist!

I thought I would try a little bit of numeracy using the Daily 5 formula!

So… we now have “Table to self” for two minutes and “Tables to someone” for three minutes each day. It is working well. At this stage the kids use cards, dice, flash cards (thanks Jake) and pen and paper. I’m liking it! We still do other automatic response activities as well.

2 thoughts on “Daily 5 with a twist!

  1. It would appear we are all on the page! Mr P and I have started ‘maths to self’. It’s 10 minutes of working on their own maths goal. It’s great watching them challenge themselves, making them more accountable for their own learning! So far, all children have been thoroughly engaged and beg for more time! Loving it too! I will chat to you more about this- thanks Mrs B!

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