Daily 5


No, not necessarily, and I just had that proved today! I listened to a student read fluently a page and a bit to the end of the chapter. I then asked what that page and a bit was all about. They looked at me a little bewildered and said” I don’t know”!!! That was a very big lesson in why the Daily 5 strategy Who/What is critical. Who was it and what happened? This self checking strategy for understanding is so important. I sometimes get them to do it as an oral task to someone close by or get them  to write it in their journal. ( need to step this up though) In the early days I often used to get varying responses. Many students gave a blurb like regurgitation of the  book rather than focusing on what they had actually just read – big difference!
The children are settling very quickly into their reading and whilst it’s always been good it has more purpose now. There are some notable improvements in some children’s stamina due I think to increased interest and “good fit” books. Still though, for a few children their stamina is not as developed as others…. a work in progress!

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  1. It’s interesting Jan, fluency and comp, as this is pushed at us at reading recovery. However I’ve also always thought pauses while reading in the right place help with comprehension. Intonation of voice and reading punctuation all also help. Have you ever read some and not been able to understand it? When I did my masters there was one subject I couldn’t comprehend. I would read it over and over but nothing would go in. Why?

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