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Back again for some more reflection  and an update!

As I’m no longer next door to the library I’m thinking I need an official “library day”‘ to ensure my kids have plenty of “good fit” books. Of course I do expect them to be in the habit of returning and borrowing in their own time but as we know….. the kids who are at risk are often the ones who don’t find/make the time to do this. Consequently, without “good fit” books their read to self time and  reading stamina is compromised. So I’m going to run with the library day  idea until I refine it. I don’t want and won’t have kids out of the room selecting books in read to self time!! As yet it hasn’t been a problem, but perhaps it could be! I have borrowed a large number of picture story books as “extra choice” for everyone to enjoy. ( I would love a book case to store them in!) Work on Writing is going very well!. In addition to writing time I’ve added in a publishing session. This has been welcomed favourably by the kids and if they don’t want to publish … they just keep writing. At this stage I’m not mixing the publishing and writing session and won’t for some time.
I was really pleased to see one of my struggling” I don’t know what to write about” boys switch from copying text and cursive letters to a narrative. He asked me twice to read it and left it on my desk just to make sure I didn’t forget!
In Sue’s last session we focused on individual writing goals which I have recorded and the kids too have it on a sticky note. From this I am offering my first mini workshop tomorrow. We’re using a story starter to develop  plot and descriptive vocab. Wish me luck!
Oh, and the reading folders are a hit with the kids!( thanks Upper Dept teachers)


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  1. Hi Jan,

    Sounds like a good plan to get a selection of books for your room or to have between you and Tristan. Maybe you should work on borrowing on one of those shelves in the multi for your book display. Might get more use. Can only ask.

    I’d like to know more about the story starters.
    Thanks from Jenny

  2. Good luck! I think you’re a few steps ahead of me. I haven’t workshopped yet, but have started discussing this with Sue. I’m still conferencing with individual kids about goals which is taking me way too long- this is something I will have to refine. The way I’m going I’ll get to everyone once by the end of the year! On the way home tonight (switch off, yeah right!) I was thinking I may sit with a small group of children who I know have similar goals and work on conferencing this way. They will also get to share their writing in this time, which has been identified in my grade as a real want.
    I have the luxury of the library next to me, but have stuck to the once a week borrowing of books…at least 4, different types, high interest, 1 novel or short story book- they are getting pretty good at selecting ‘good fit’ books.
    Great post, partner!

    • Thanks Kate! I too am conferencing with kids about their writing goals and it does take time. I could make it quicker if I just wrote what they think I might want to hear but I don’t want to write something just to fill a box- if it’s not authentic for them. Your “good fit” books are going well and I like the idea of 4 different text types. The workshop went well( I think) and will need some more sessions but the kids who elected to do it are still writing and want to publish it. Is it perfect? …. no but the interest and self motivation is there. Thanks Kate.

  3. I really like your idea of a separate publishing time and work on writing time. In my classroom, I have had children asking me whether they can publish during work on writing time, but I have been reluctant to let them because I want them to develop their writing skills not typing and copying skills, as these are not my focus during work on writing time. I think your idea of a separate publishing time is a great way to allow children to publish but also write during the designated time. I am going to implement publishing time in my classroom this week. Thanks Jan!

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