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Back again for some more reflection  and an update!

As I’m no longer next door to the library I’m thinking I need an official “library day”‘ to ensure my kids have plenty of “good fit” books. Of course I do expect them to be in the habit of returning and borrowing in their own time but as we know….. the kids who are at risk are often the ones who don’t find/make the time to do this. Consequently, without “good fit” books their read to self time and  reading stamina is compromised. So I’m going to run with the library day  idea until I refine it. I don’t want and won’t have kids out of the room selecting books in read to self time!! As yet it hasn’t been a problem, but perhaps it could be! I have borrowed a large number of picture story books as “extra choice” for everyone to enjoy. ( I would love a book case to store them in!) Work on Writing is going very well!. In addition to writing time I’ve added in a publishing session. This has been welcomed favourably by the kids and if they don’t want to publish … they just keep writing. At this stage I’m not mixing the publishing and writing session and won’t for some time.
I was really pleased to see one of my struggling” I don’t know what to write about” boys switch from copying text and cursive letters to a narrative. He asked me twice to read it and left it on my desk just to make sure I didn’t forget!
In Sue’s last session we focused on individual writing goals which I have recorded and the kids too have it on a sticky note. From this I am offering my first mini workshop tomorrow. We’re using a story starter to develop  plot and descriptive vocab. Wish me luck!
Oh, and the reading folders are a hit with the kids!( thanks Upper Dept teachers)


Jan’s Jottings …. Here we go!

Hi all and welcome to my jottings!

Having read my colleagues thoughts on the Daily 5 I’d like to add some reflections of my own. As I said in my reply…. Wow, I loved reading the thoughts and reflections and identified with so much. It is an exciting time in our Upper School unit right now. We are all introducing The Daily 5 program into our literacy component thanks to Sue who is delivering,teaching and guiding us. Added to this we have the benefit of the lower school staff who implemented The Daily 5 last year. Their experiences and willingness to share with us their ideas and what worked for them has been extremely helpful. “Baby steps” and very structured has been my approach so far – and I’m happy with where I’m at. My focus has been on reading and writing. Sitting back and observing has been very valuable. I think the most powerful outcome so far is watching children become aware of their own reading behaviours. They are  starting to identify and articulate what they do well and and what they need to change to bring about a shift in their reading success.
Choosing “good fit” books is vital and for some children this is their problem.
This has been a focus of my observation and as the teacher defines who I need to work with closely. That’s enough for now but as I said in my reply…Bring it on, we are all energised and ready to roll with it. Yes, at times it’s a little scary and feel out of our comfort zone  but with Sue we are all learning together and loving it!


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